Handling the Arrest of a Family Member

Family member arrested in Kauai?

My family member has been arrested in Kauai – What do I do?

A step-by-step guide to when a family member who suffers from a brain disorder (mental illness) is arrested in the County of Kauai.

STEP 1.) Support Your Relative

If your family member/friend calls you and says that he/she has been arrested, help him/her stay calm and offer your help and support.

If your family member/friend is being held at a district police station, remind him/her of the right to have an attorney present if being questioned by police officers or detectives.

If he/she is already at the Kauai County Jail Intake, he/she will be screened for mental illness, as well as other health concerns, upon arrival.  It is very important that they be direct and honest to benefit as much as possible from this screening process.  Assure your family member that it is OK to discuss his/her physical and mental condition, diagnosis, medications, etc., with the staff conducting the screening, which includes nursing staff and Jail Psychiatric Service staff.  It is important your family member feels safe to speak openly with the mental health screeners.

STEP 2.) Contact the Kauai Police Department

You are allowed to give information to the department, but they may or may not provide information to you without the permission of your loved one.  Call the public information number (808) 241-1711 to find out if your loved one is in jail.

STEP 3.) County Jail Information

Contact the Kauai Community Correctional at (808) 241-3050 to access visiting hours, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and frequently asked questions.

Kauai Community Correctional FAX: (808) 241-3059

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