Depression: When Dealing With A Loss, Let The Tears Flow

Crying is a way that we can acknowledge and let our feelings out. In NO WAY does that ever signify weakness.

There is a wonderful LifeTOOL, that when many people are presented with
it, they tend to fight back against it.

I’m talking about CRYING…

When I think back, over the past 25 years of working with & helping others,
the number of times I’ve had people say ‘It’s not okay for them to cry
is staggering.

Somewhere along the way, this is the message they got growing up!

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it – there’s another statement I’ve
heard countless times as well:

“Crying is a sign of weakness.”

To me, this is even more HARMFUL.

My immediate response when I hear someone say this is:

“No, crying is not a sign of weakness – it is actually a sign of

This is particularly true when it comes to dealing with loss.

The tears are the way we acknowledge and let our feelings out.

It not only takes great strength to let those emotions out – it takes great
COURAGE as well.

The COURAGE is for allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

The truth is, it also takes STRENGTH to not allow ourselves to hide from
the feelings we are having.

Now, I realize there is a time and place where crying isn’t necessarily
appropriate and we may want to not let the tears flow…

In those instances, we aren’t stopping the tears from flowing, but rather
delaying them until it is a more appropriate time.

There is another LifeTOOL to use in those situations I will share with you
next week! So come back to find out…

For now, I want you to remember how important it is when dealing with
loss to:

Let the tears flow…

~ To Living Well TODAY! ~


Side note: This post came to me as I find myself now practicing what I just wrote about. My dog passed away this past week & for me I have found one of the most important things I am doing for my health & wellness is letting those tears flow. You can be sure that I am one of those persons who “Lives What I Teach” which is why I know these LifeTOOLS work!



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